Griffin Enterprises is a research and development project. Our latest "white paper" deals with an advancement in refrigerant metering. Our latest study began with the idea that, given the advances in shaft seal technology as it relates to pumps suitable for the transfer of refrigerants, another look should be given to the possibility of the use of these pumps in refrigeration system design. There were some earlier studies that gave rise to several patents, one of which, US6584784, by the Midwest Research Institute, encountered some unforeseen difficulties and was later scrapped by NREL, and the Dept. of Energy. We believe we have addressed those problems with our work and can proceed with confidence to design a system that works. Some of the problems encountered in these earlier studies had to do with net-positive suction head requirements when pumping refrigerants. We have developed some patented design ideas that overcome these issues and provide for reliable operation in a number of different design scenarios. We look forward to hearing from you with your evaluation and any additional ideas you may have. We would be more than happy to share with you our entire study and patented ideas at the appropriate time. You can search for the website as jcgconcepts. You can leave any comments and contact information there.