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    Water furnace not cooling house adequately

    I have a Water Furnace Premier and over the last couple of days it is not cooling the house properly. It runs constantly and blows cold air but does not cool the house. The temperature on the thermosat will gradually rise. I have changed the filter and status lights on the furnace are green. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Maybe close your windows????

    Just joking. Well you're going to start by checking your temperatures. The air on the supply registers should be at least 30 degrees cooler than the air inside the home. You'll have to check several other things if the temp isn't low enough, but that's something a tech will need to do.....

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    You need to have a tech come out. A lot of the Premier units no longer have OEM compressors available so take care of that system or you will be buying a new one soon.

    I see a lot of refrigerant leaks on systems in the 15+ year range, however a slew of diagnostics should be done before putting gauges on the system, because the geothermal units are very specific in their charge and even with low loss fittings refrigerant will come out when gauges are hooked up which is why WaterFurance does not recommend using gauges unless a low charge is the only potential issue.
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