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    Quote Originally Posted by vstech View Post
    Ok, now I gotta wonder what ductwork took months of onsite work to complete... 4000 feet isn't too bad, 4 tons... Only system? Do you have duct layout drawings?
    The long timeframe for duct replacement also caught my eye. Months to reduct a 4,000 square foot house? Makes me wonder if this is one of those giraffe barn type homes with lofty ceilings and framing that makes running HVAC duct a real PITA. Even so I can't see it taking "months" to do.

    So, what I derive from the OP's sad story above is that the system functions but is so noisy that it drives them crazy, to the point he and his cancer stricken spouse would rather sweat and be miserable that way vs. be cool but live with insane noise.

    What if the existing Carrier equipment is adequate for the house square footage but is attached to a crappy duct system? One that took "months" to install? (Translation: it was installed piecemeal by installers rushed out to the house to get a section of it done by a company that may have severe cash flow and time management problems). Meaning OP might be able to retain existing Carrier Infinity if someone that truly understands how to correctly design and install ducts is brought into the picture.

    OP, there's no guarantee your Trane guy is any better than the Carrier dealer. Ripping it out and starting completely over would only be advisable if you had not only confidence, but EVIDENCE, your new chosen contractor has the competency to design and install to your house configuration.
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    No it cant be locked in low cool, heating only-- you can change the air flow ...comfort, efficiency and noise for zone systems-- Infinity is awesome, it is sad that bad installs give it a bad rap...

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    I hope the homeowner can click on the contractor locator link, and find one of us nearby to come out and evaluate the system and decide what is best to do...
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