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    Well water pump configuration

    What is the best well pump configuration for the most efficiently install? The 100' well (65 degree water temp) will supply only the geothermal unit which will require 6 gpm. To me the best option is 1/2 hp submersible pump with the output feed to a sediment filer then to the geothermal unit and the discharge will be feed into a pond. There will be foot valve install according to standards for the well. The pump will be energized on demand for heating or cooling only. The pump will provide 10 gpm at the depth of 120 feet at zero psi. Is this the best option or is there a more efficient method?

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    it is probably the most cost effective, efficient and reliable method. the other method would be a constant flow or constant pressure setup with a variable speed pump. Grundfos makes a pretty good one, but the costs are much higher.

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