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    Aprilaire 6504, 8870 Thrermostats or crestron Thermostats

    Does anybody know if the Aprilaire 6504 Zoning system is compatible with the 8870 communicating thermostats? Also, does any body know if the Crestron thermostats are compatible with the 6504 Zoning system?


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    I doubt it.

    The 6504 zoning panel has a proprietary tstat interface that only requires a 4 wire connection to the zoning panel regardless of heating/cooling equipment involved. Thus, tstats that support this 4-wire interface are required.

    The 8570 is such a tstat. The 8870 offers the more conventional direct wire interface, and thus is not likely to be compatible with the 6504.

    The 8570 tstat is like Honeywell's IAQ offering - the 6504 panel serves as the equipment controller, and the 8570 communicates to the 6504 panel via a 4-wire connection.

    A lot of detailed information on the 6504 panel can be obtained here: 6504 Panel.

    While I'm not familiar with the current Creston tstat offering, for many years past the Creston tstat was the 8870. If this is still the case, then, like above, I doubt the Creston tstat is compatible with the 6504.

    Hope this helps.

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