Hi, I'm building a 2-story house in Cupertino, California (near San Jose) and was hoping someone here could recommend an HVAC expert in my area.

I am having trouble finding contractors who are willing to size according to Manual J & D.

I'm also particularly interested in fresh air ventilation systems that can also cool down the house on summer nights. My first plan was a whole house fan, but I do not like to leave the windows open at night or have unfiltered air entering the house. I read a lot about the Night Breeze from Davis Energy, but think that it is too complex for my needs and may not work for my downstairs unit (located in the garage). I think ideally, the new system would have exhaust fans or dampers between the upstairs attic ductwork and the attic combined with a fresh air intake fan connected to the downstairs crawlspace ductwork. It looks like S&P makes some fans that would would work, but I haven't found any contractors willing to do anything out of the ordinary. Several have said they don't even use sheetmetal ducts anymore.

Am I expecting too much or just talking to the wrong people?