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    help with possible wrong refrigerant added

    I have a question about a possible broken condensor. So the story goes... our foundation was sinking due to builder error so the builder temporarily moved us to another house while they raisedan the foundation with stilts amd concrete etc. To do so the had to completEly remove the condensing unit to get to the bottom corner of the house. Of course they reinstalled it and refilled it however when we moved back we go to try and turn on the ac and no cold air warm or room temp air only. I had a tech come out today he said the fan and everything working just not the Condensor itself he said it seemed odd for it to just croak and asked about the work done on the house. He proceeded to tell me that if they filled my r22 unit with r410 or some other type that thay could have killed the condensor. Is there any truth to that? I ask because if it's possible my wife and I will be billing the contractors who did the work on the house. Any input is appreciated thanks!

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    I would call the builder, tell him to get someone to fix it, and ask him to re-reimburse you for the tech you called out.
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    builder moved the unit? odd that hvac company wasn't called.
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    Does it have refrigerant in it? What specifically is wrong with the unit?

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    Odd indeed... Refrigerant lines are NOT to be messed with without EPA certification and refrigerant understanding... And a permit for the work in my area...
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    If the builder took on the job of repairing the slab your home is on...
    And the builder moved the unit...
    And the builder put the unit back...
    In other words... unless you the owner specifically contracted the moving and replacing...

    Then the builder is responsible to make the AC right.

    I would get a written report from the folks that told you it had the wrong refrigerant in it...
    And call the builder and request he make it right.

    A new system (coil and AC unit) would, IMO, make it right...

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    The tech you had out should have been able to tell if it was filled with R410A. What did he say it was filled with.
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    So this tech didn't actually diagnose the problem, he just threw his hands up and guessed at the problem?
    Time for a second opinion methinks.

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