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    commercial air conditioning

    Many air conditioning Sydney users doesn't really know the importance of air conditioning service and home maintenance. That’s why it is one of the major reasons that their commercial air conditioning or home cooling system shows abnormalities in the first year of usage.

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    That's what makes the a/c service business so profitable : Consumers lack of education combined with not seeing the equipment which might remind them . I live in NW Florida...and ive not met ONE Consumer thus far who calls for PreSeason preventive maintenance ; a lot of it has to do with the socio economics of the specific geographical area as well as factors such as generally how wise, educated , and sophisticated the local Residents are. I took over a Restaurant with 4 heat pumps and no one ever told the Owner the equipment needs inspecting and servicing at least once per year ; this led to a recent replacement of one heat pump that was just beyond the 5 year compressor warranty (compressor was lock rotor , 3 phase) . Tough way to obtain an education for the Owner. He wants me to service them all twice annually now.

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