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    Barber Coleman Micro Net Room Sensor

    I got a call today for a Micro Net space sensor display being blank. I removed the sensor and metered it. There was no DC voltage. I traced the wire back and found it wired to the comm bus?? Has anybody seen this setup before? I've never seen one wired to the comm bus before although I'm no expert with BC. I swapped it with a known working sensor and had the same results. Any ideas? TIA.

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    Any kind of display means it is communicating and you may not read voltage although you may read frequency. My meter reads HZ and it comes in handy sometimes! If you can read frequency on a box that's working but not on that one then it could be a problem with the wire or the vav. Check for frequency right on the vav. I belileve it should be wired to the UBus not the ASD or Lon or Bacnet.

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