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    Trane integration

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    Hey gentlemen. I did some searching on here but can't figure out what comm protocol these UCMs are. Can someone let me know? If possible we'd like to pull the VAVs into a JACE.

    Thanks for all you do.

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    The UCM's should be Comm4 as the CCP is 1997. If you have Rover with Comm4 cable you can check. With the relay board in the VariTrac CCP, there should be no comm to the RTU.

    You should be able to pull the UCM's in to a Jace with the Maxline/Infocon driver. I have integrated these square UCM's into a Jace with this driver. You will need to remove the Tracker panel & CCP panel. Then create your own air source control in the Jace for the UCM's.

    Make sure you initiate a calibrate on the UCM's at least once a week. Also use the heat/cool point in the UCM's so they know the air source mode if you have heat in the RTU.
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