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    Very very cold in basement warm on second floor?

    Installed new infinity a/c system this year. My finished basement has two supplies and one large return on one side, and on the equipment side, which is the same size and is separated by a door, one large return. The door between sides is open. Also, all the supplies and returns in basement have been open which has resulted in a very very cold basement and a cool first floor and a warm second floor. All the rooms up stairs have supplies and returns which are open. I am experimenting by closing supplies in basement but leaving returns open. Any suggestions or ideas appreciated Thanks

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    As the system is still new the best course of action that you have is to call the installing contractor and have them send over a tech to take a look at things and make recommendations. If you're within the first year most times a complaint of operation is covered by a first year labor warranty from the installation company.

    Explain, when you call, the problems you're seeing and hopefully the tech will talk with the installers to find out what and why they did what they did during installation.

    If you, the homeowner, start experimenting with things like closing off registers etc. you could cause operating problems with the system that won't be covered by warranty and will lead to a possibly expensive service call so they can come out and explain things to you.
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