I appreciate your advice, & wish that I would've been able to get your help prior to locking in the price with my customer. An older time-delay was bypassed totally in this condenser, & after researching it, I learned that it would never have worked anyway. The existing time delay, upon loss of power, activates 120 volts to a parallel circuit for 90 seconds & then drops out. There's nothing in the condenser that would require this.
I spoke to SWH in Cincinnatti, where I got the new compressor, & told them that I wanted to stop the new compressor from coming on, after a Brown out/ power failure, for at least 5 minutes. The "Copeland Rep.", never once mentioned equipment that you're speaking of Madhat, & I also, after looking at this "Time-delay" (Yet to be installed), wonder if it actually has the ability "to stand up", & do the job.