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Thread: Repair leaking flow center?

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    Repair leaking flow center?

    Hello. I've learned a lot by reading these forum posts and appreciate the willingness of folks to help DIY-ers like myself.

    I have a 20-year old WaterFurnace PremierAT system that has been very reliable and satisfactory. I recently replaced the ECM blower motor and the service tech noted while checking the system that my "pressure was down to 0." He started to add water to the Pete's port and water immediately leaked from the flow center. He looked at it for a minute and then said there is likely a cracked valve within the flow center and the whole thing would have to be replaced. The pumps ( 2 Grundfos 26-99f) appear to be working fine (were replaced maybe 5 years ago) so I hate the idea of replacing the whole unit when all that is defective is a valve that should be fairly easy to replace.

    What I would appreciate is an opinion as to whether or not a 3-way valve is actually replaceable and, if so, a possible source for purchasing the valve. I have had no luck searching online for a replacement valve.

    I realize that other problems may exist, such as a leak in the pressure lines. However, it seems that replacing or repairing the flow center will have to be done regardless of what additional work needs to be completed. I also realize I will need a pro to purge and re-pressurize the lines if I do repair or replace the flow center myself. I'm not trying to avoid the pro; it's just that he seemed almost flippant in saying the whole thing must be replaced because of a leaking valve.

    By the way, the unit appears to be working ok, even with "no" pressure.

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks! Jeff
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    Its a WF so im assuming the port size is 1-1/4 " what you could do is figure out which side is leaking remove the pipes from top and bottom of the flow center. Remove the pump on that side and just fit the pipes without a flow center. Understanding a little bit about plumbing and "flow centers" would help alot. Probably still be a few hundred in parts, with no warranty and a butt hurt contractor, who will probably have to reflush the loop and verify freeze temp, % of antifreeze.

    Option two if its a small drip, have the contractor pump in some "loop conditioner" essentialy fix a flat. Find it on ebay. Pressure the loop to 100 psi and hot wire the pumps to always on. Make sure they leave a pressure gauge and monitor pressure everyday. Once the pressure quits dropping you can rewire the pumps normally.
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    He should have found the exact point of leakage before he condemned the whole flow center

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    Your post belongs in the Ask Our Pros forum since you are asking our pros. However, this is not a DIY site. The rules of the site prohibit giving advice for DIY.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKM View Post
    Hello. I've learned a lot by reading these forum posts and appreciate the willingness of folks to help DIY-ers like myself.

    Sorry but that's just it... we are not a DIY site and cannot tell you how to fix things.

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