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    Water condesation and ice on fresh air inlet of Honeywell HRV

    I have a Honeywell HRV VNT5150H1000 installed in my furnace that is being controlled by a Honeywell Prestige IAQ thermostat controller with a Equipment interface module. The IAQ controls my furnace, HRV, and TrueEASE HE150 humidifier.

    My issue is that the fresh air inlet flex duct is condensing water on it and is freezing and melting depending on how cold it gets outside. I have 2 questions regarding this setup. The Honeywell HRV does not utilize damper doors, rather it uses variable speed motors to control flow. On very cold and windy days, when the wind blows towards the fresh air inlet on the outside of my house it essentially funnels the cold air through by HRV into my furnace and through out my ductwork creating small cold drafts coming from my registers. I would like to know if installing a damper door (Y8150 fresh air ventilation, and W8150 Control, made by Honeywell) would (A) correct the cold air being distributed through out my house and (B) would be actually the right thing to do for this whole system.

    The second question I have is what do I do to fix my water condensation/Ice on the inlet side of my HRV? I have 6 inch flex duct that has a R6 insulation value connecting my HRV to the respective ducts/connections. Do I just simply insulate that fresh air duct better so the cold air is directed into the HRV better and let it condense there?(it has a drain). Or do I remove the flex duct and install standard metal pipe and allow the heat from my mechanical room warm of the inlet side? Right now I keep my house at no more than 35% humidity and utilize the window protection setting on my thermostat on those cold days which drops it down to 28% or so when it is -10F outside.

    Thanks in advance, please go easy on me.

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    Thicker insulation on the inlet side of the HRV fixes the condensation problem. Make sure that you have a vapor barrier on the outside of the insulation.
    Regards TB
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