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Thread: Anyone recognize this older GE lighting panel box?

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    Anyone recognize this older GE lighting panel box?

    I mainly do residential electric service, recently I have been getting commercial work, mainly small stuff, nothing difficult. However today I ran into a box I have never seen. I need a 20 amp breaker for it. My local electric supply tells me its a thqc-1120 (but they didnt even seem sure), can someone verify that this is the style breaker? It has a long clamp on the breaker controlled side, that holds down a bank of 6-8 breakers to remove it. Then the bar side of the breaker just slips out. Both sides of the breaker have a screw to power.
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    i have 5 of these in the garage i service from time to time its hard to get new brakers i have a parts panel i use and have 20 spares

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