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    Threads/forums not marked as read after opening

    Odd problem that doesn't always seem to occur, but sometimes the threads that I have read (and even responded to) continue to show as unread. It always happens when I log on from different devices/computers, but it's also happening when I just stick to using one computer, which is even more odd. I usually use the little blue button at the beginning of a thread title to jump to the first unread post, and occasionally this button brings me to a post that I have already read even when no additional posts have been added to the thread. Maybe some caching issue?

    Also, I'm wondering if there's an option to include the post content in the thread notification email message. I can't find such an option in the usercp.

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    Look under Forum Actions at the top. "Mark all Threads Read"

    Because you use different devices to log in the master cookie doesn't know what you read and didn't.

    This site has never put the post content in a reply email. There is no function for that in the User CP. It was set up like that since 2000 when Don opened the site.

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