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    Confused Virgin Seeking Certain Geo Thermal Photos Please Help

    Hi, I am seeking Photos of Refrigerant being used to cool water. Can anyone provide any links or Photos of how the Refrigerant Coil or tank Cools the water exiting the ground, and how it works threw the evaporator.

    I have Zero knowledge of how a Geo Thermal Works.

    Any pictures or links would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I do not understand where the Heat from the condenser goes.

    I cant understand Explanations on the net, They leave out too much and most of the time the ones writing it doesn't know their selves.

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    Finally got to work on one today. Don't know if all of them are like this but:

    There is a water loop out in the customer yard. Then that loop is connected to a coil inside that acts as the refrigerant systems condenser. A circulator pump keeps the water flowing through the loops while the system is running.

    You've got the hot discharge gas coming into it from the compressor and as the water runs across the hot gas it condenses it into a liquid that them goes to the evaporator. (The heat taken from the high pressure gas is taken with the water out into the yard. After it runs through the yard it comes back cooled for another round) That liquid refrigerant flashes in the evaporator and absorbs heat from the air being pulled across it from inside the house. Then that low pressure gas from that process is pulled back into the compressor and compressed into high pressure gas to repeat the process.

    Awesome process. I can't wait to work on some more. As for pictures there really isn't anything to show. The ground loop is buried and the loop on the one I worked on was all wrapped up in insulation so it just looked like two water pipes and two refrigerant pipes running into a flat hollow circle (like a new line set wrapped with foam tape).

    Hope that was coherent enough to make sense!

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    Aeroox described geothermal with ground loop. Some are installed without closed ground loop. Instead of circulating same water in sealed loop (heat exchanger) in the ground, some just dump the water in a pond, back in the ground/well, or in a tank for yard irrigation. This type is less efficient because new water is used each time the unit operates. Compared to a standard air to air heat pump, the geothermal exchanges heat with water instead of air. It's so efficient due to stable water temp under ground that strip heat is unnecessary....

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    Its a refrigeration system.
    water is pumped through the heatexchanger, usually a coaxial heat exchanger. water in the center and refrigerant on the outside.
    same as a water condenser to water evaporator. just imagine a regular split condenser sitting at the bottom of a stream, thats how gshp works.

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    Is this just a curiosity thing or an "I gotta know" thing.

    Geo mixes nicely w/ HeatPumps.
    RSES has some SAM chapters on Geo,
    RSES has several book w/pictures.
    ACCA has several Bulletins.
    Caleffi has their "idronics" _Journal of Design -issue#9
    Dan Holohan has "45 Ideas on What to Consider As You Think About Geo as a Heat Source".

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