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    Ive read it said its how well we walk through the fire that defines us. We are all pleasant under our air conditioned wifi acesssable fortress. Whether you choose self preservation at the expense of an others life or an humble ending of an martyr Ime sure either would be done with noble intent.

    Hoping it doesn't come down to that
    Your friend Corey

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    3 days ago

    one of the emigrant in the city a live in it
    knocked my door and he was very Confused
    he asked me to help him with money
    because his cousin went to falluja to see his house
    is been captured by militia (belong to Iran)
    and they asked for a ransom or they will kill him
    my father shocked to hear that since this man is emigrant and he left his house in falluja since 1.5 year
    and he now live in non finished house (just structure)
    and its very hard to feed his family

    my father which is not in better situation gave the man 200 $

    and told him i cannot pay u more since i am an emigrant also

    its was very hard to hear something like that
    Power consists not in being able to strike another but in being able to control oneself when anger arises
    A diamond, is just a piece of coal that made good under pressure!
    In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity
    If success were easy everyone would be doing it.​

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    My heart goes out to you Kefah. We hear about these things on the news but you made it very real. Keep in touch and stay safe.
    I didn't write the book I just read it!

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