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I could swear that during training, Pete (Mr Ego incarnate , specifically said they wanted to see 20 inches to the left, and we should reject an installation that didn't have that. That, however, was 11+ years ago, so my memory may be fuzzy.
I wished that'd been observed in 2006 when two SCC101Es were installed in one of OUR kitchens. Side-by-side and maybe 2" apart...perched upon factory stands (no casters)...which are THEN set atop a curb with welded corner braces.
You're NOT moving either of THOSE ovens on their stands AT ALL. Doing so would require lifting the fronts legs up and over the corner braces, a slide forward...and then set down upon a trough drain floor grate (like what's typical in from of kettles/tilt skillets) - 12" below.
NOPE. Not doing that.

We have a special flatbed cart that can be taken there, then raised/lowered hydraulically (like a jack) to find the perfect elevation for sliding just the oven onto...whenever we need to gain access into the side compartment for doing something so mundane as replacing a bad SSR.
I only did that ONCE by myself. Since then, I've always gotten help.

I'm told that one of those two ovens was Rational's commemorative 15,000th oven sold in the U.S. Siegfried Meister himself (Rational's founder) flew from Germany to attend the celebration.
It remains apparent that the company's FOUNDER wasn't too concerned about the minimal space between those ovens.
He probably didn't know any better, though.

OH...the irony of it all.

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I remember you talking about how the politics were killing this industry. I echoed that much later in a separate thread. ItΒ’s a shame but itΒ’s true.
I remember your thread. To ME - the fundamental "values" that drives us (personally) in our occupation is focused on our daily face-to-face with customers...and the opportunities to be a hero several times a day. That's been MY motivation anyway...along with the paycheck.

I started out doing this work for a privately owned company - working for a man who'd expanded his business to twelve service branches throughout the Southeast. A former president of CFESA. From what I gather - a man who had a passion for this industry sector.
He sold out to Ecolab.
I'd heard later later that he regretted that decision due to what had become of the company that his family had started. What it had become did NOT fit his mantra. Too late now.
I'm sure he made a "mint" from that transaction, but I've read that he couldn't stay away. Several years later, he started ANOTHER that competed (quite successfully) with his former one.

On the other hand, what's become of his old company? Sold by Ecolab to an private equity/investment firm. An organization that has absolutely NO knowledge of the business...but pays people TO do that - for THEIR specific interests in blossoming sales figures and gain profits on their investment.
Over time, if the numbers they crunch and expect to see don't prove to be what they'd expected - heads roll and people are let go.

Conglomerates and e-commerce.
These business model resounds over and over again these days. For US? First in the equipment manufacturing industry got sucked up in it...and now in the equipment parts & service sector. The "Walmart" and "Amazon" ways that might eventually ALSO crush the independent "mom & pop" versions of OUR industry.