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    New global controller for old Alerton Ibex TUX?

    Anyone have experience with using Siemens Talon global controller to supervise old Alerton Ibex TUX points? Looking for a reasonable cost solution to an old '94 install that is no longer supported by Alerton.

    Siemens web ad for the Talon mentions Alerton as one of the "hundreds" of languages it can "speak" but I tend to be a bit suspicious especially when the reps seem to be vague.

    Help me out if you will.



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    the only solution that I am aware of is BCM-TUX from alerton, would convert the tux points to BACnet. You will probably need a BCM-Eth in the array too, depending on what you wanna do. and depending on how many tuxes then you may need multiple BCM-TUXes.
    good luck.

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