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    Confused Carrier Greenspeed 25VNA heat pump and Infinity Touch - NO EMERGENCY HEAT

    We have installed about a dozen Greenspeed heat pumps and Infinity touch WiFi thermostats. We noticed that there is no "emergency heat" system option on these thermostats (even with the latest software version).

    I'm in south Texas so I realize that these units would probably never need auxiliary heat but we have had a situation in which we needed emergency heat. On one of the Greenspeed systems we installed, the lugs to the inverter board hadn't been tightened down from the factory and our technicians didn't notice it. The unit did okay in cooling mode but when it got cold and the compressor ramped up to the higher RPMs it shorted out and killed the inverter board. We had the thermostat set to lock out the auxiliary heat strips at outdoor temperatures above 30 degrees (which I realize is probably a bit high for what these systems can do). The thermostat showed an outdoor unit fault but still would not turn on the auxiliary heat as it was still above 30 degrees. There apparently isn't logic in the thermostat to bypass the lockout when the outdoor unit is not working. Since there is no emergency heat option, the homeowner was unable to get any heat from this unit. The only way we got them temporarily heating was to go into the installer setup on the thermostat and tell it we had a straight electric heat system installed with no outdoor unit (but that wasn't until the next morning).

    I realize this is not a situation that happens often, but the bottom line is this customer has the very top of the line heat pump system and didn't have heat. If he had a basic heat pump system that cost half of what the Greenspeed system cost, he would have been able to turn on the emergency heat until we could get out there and diagnose the problem and wouldn't have been cold that night.

    Has anyone else run in to this situation yet or figured out a reasonable workaround?

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    Most newer Infinity thermostats have options to either run only the heat pump, run only the furnace/air handler or let the system be in control. Should be on the customer accessible advanced settings.

    Selecting only the furnace would technically be the emergency heat mode.

    I have not worked on a Greenspeed paired with an Infinity touch yet though so maybe I an missing something new.

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    Just looked at manual. Should be that option described by Balloyd under the heat source option in the HO's menu.

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