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    ARP Forum Rules

    ARP Forum Rules

    Below are the new rules of the ARP forum, please read them over carefully so you will have a clear understanding of them.Please be aware that the HVAC-Talk forum rules still apply, the ARP rules are in addition to them.

    1) Flame wars will not be allowed. Keep your discussions civil and watch the name calling. If you feel yourself getting mad, back away from the computer until you cool off. We encourage debate and discussion, but it must be kept within reasonable standards.

    2) Racial or sexual slurs in any way, shape, or form are strictly prohibited.

    3) Pictures must be tasteful. Any pictures that are considered racial or social slurs are prohibited and are subject to deletion without notice. Political or Controversial Avatars may be deleted without explanation. If your Avatar disappears then use better judgment for your Avatar.

    4) Language. This is not a locker room, foul language or dirty comments will not be tolerated in ARP. Language that is inappropriate may cause your post to be deleted or edited. Inappropriate comments concerning a posters spouse, children, family members, etc. are strictly prohibited and will earn you an infraction.

    5) Pornography in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited.

    6) Spam is not allowed in the ARP Forum. Spam will be defined as follows;

    -An ad containing a link or links to direct you off site for profit is considered SPAM
    -Multiple postings within a short time frame by the same member with little original content or only links and/or memes is considered SPAM

    7) Trolling and Stalking. Neither are allowed in ARP.

    Trolling - We define trolling as posting inflammatory or derogatory comments for the purpose of harassing other members and provoking a response for seemingly no other reason than personal amusement.
    This rule will only be enforced for habitual trolls and/or members who are more interested in causing trouble than having intelligent and meaningful discussion. ARPC will use some discretion in rendering decisions, and will endeavor to be as fair and responsible as possible when invoking the rule. Any members disciplined under the trolling rule will have the opportunity of one appeal as described below.

    Stalking - We define Stalking as intentionally following another member or members around the board for the purpose of harassing and/or starting a flame war. As with the Trolling rule, enforcement of this rule will necessitate some discretion on the part of ARPC.

    Any poster who has received a caution, an edit, or a disciplinary action from ARPC, may challenge our action once and once only for further ARPC review by e-mailing us at ARP Committee . After having heard his/her case in the appeal, the final decision will be rendered without further discussion. Any argument, disagreement, reference to the final decision, or reference to said proceedings on the forum will subject the challenger to possible Administrator sanctions. All discussions between ARPC and violator will take place via email. NO discussion concerning the initial action or any following discussion/actions will take place on the forum...period.
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