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Thread: New SC House Plans: Needing Advice, Recommendations, Feedback and New Products

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    New SC House Plans: Needing Advice, Recommendations, Feedback and New Products

    Happy Holidays, I have read posts and threads, and I don't want this to be a DIY post. I am looking for all you professionals in the home building trades to give me any positive/negative feedback, ideas on new products/materials, new technologies out there, and most importantly where can I save "costs" when I present my house plans to a builder to cost out for Scope-Of-Work to subs/trades. Thanks to JT for giving me the suggestion of pulling out the HVAC system from my signed home construction contract, that way I can do my research and get the BEST system/s (costs$$$) for my main floor/walk-out basement areas. Please look over the plans (2 pages) and if you see anything that is waste or needs to be improved upon...I will take any and all suggestions. For example: 1) I really would like to see if it is feasible to use a whole house integrated electrical system so I can connect to a pc/phone/security cameras, and 2) Use 3-4 mini-spilt HVAC system (needs heat and cold) OR use two separate systems with zones for both floors.
    P.S. It seems I can't attach my house plans for review, so please email me: No email allowed in the posts. Please see site rules.
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    Just sent you an email. Email addys aren't allowed in posts. Put it on your profile page. If you can put your plans in PDF form you should be able to attach them in advanced reply

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