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    Over Supply of Solar Panels?

    With the craze of solar energy models being implemented in major construction projects, do you think this will lead to a huge surplus in solar panels? Each day on the road, I see solar energy trucks that I have never seen before like the storm chasers you see after a hurricane. I am curious if anyone else is noticing the over saturation of solar companies. I predict these systems will start to drop in price so I am not complaining!


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    1st post for me but: Yes and Yes. This is an old post I realize and happened before SolarCity bankruptcy but it still seems there are a lot of panels available for sale out there and still a lot of installers out there. They are not cheap to me though.

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    I think Chinese manufacturers are flooding many markets with excess production...had a hard landing in GDP revisions last year, and there's a lot of scrambling to liquidate stuff & show cashflow to appease the banks.

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    Solar panel growth could lead to a cut back in feed-in tarrifs due to oversupply issues during low demand periods reports The Guardian.

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