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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilgamesh View Post
    Rastaj, if you get back on here, I hope you can help with a question. I had a DVT44 installed many years ago. After it was embedded in rock, we hooked up to gas and ran it. About 15 min or so into burning, it gives a loud boom, which kind of pushes the glass out far enough to suck in air. I can turn it off for a minute, and everything is back to normal for awhile, but eventually it does the boom again. The techs could never figure it out. I talked to people at CFM, and they sent me out a retrofit burner kit that was sort of tilted at an angle. We installed, but no improvement. We have lived with it for years, and typically just turn it off when that happens. I;m kind of motivated to fix it again, and i read recently on another post:

    "Majestic had a problem like this once. They sent a kit that included a coulple of 3.5 inch screws in it and rtv sealant along with a diagram of placement. The idea was drill a hole through the firebox wall and thread the screw through that hole until it contacted the outer jacket."

    Do you have any experience around this? I would appreciate your thoughts.
    You do realize this post is 11 and a half years old, right?!?!?!

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    He already did and didn't like the answers he got. Looks like the thread got deleted.

    Quote Originally Posted by pacnw View Post
    You do realize this post is 11 and a half years old, right?!?!?!

    Start your own post.
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