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    Controls Tech/Engineer in Seattle Area

    Looking to add a Controls Engineer/Technician in the Puget Sound area. Position is in the Controls Division of a large Design Build Mechanical Firm (100+ MM per year). The Controls Division is a relatively new group within the last two years. Work is not competitive bid and is negotiated as either a part of a design build mechanical project, direct with end user, or as part of a ESCO project.

    Products are Distech (Bacnet & Lon) and Niagara Ax for new installs but expect to be exposed to a plethora of legacy systems to work on with migrations to Niagara Ax in mind.

    Job Description below. If you meet some or most of the requirements please contact me. My email is in my profile for any questions or interest.

    Controls Specialist
    Job Description: Develop and manage controls installation projects through effective communication, client relations, negotiation, scheduling, tracking, document control and forecasting costs and profitability.

    Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned):

    Select and install control products, components, applications, and systems
    Review specification and contract documents prior to RFP’s
    Assist/coordinate RFI’s with the Project Manager
    Prepare/review submittals
    Perform QA/QC job walks and assessments
    Evaluate change orders
    Coordinate with the Project Manager to develop, enter and verify field and global digital control components to ensure operation meets the sequence of operations required by the project
    Document programming and device setup
    Setup, program, and configure GUI/host workstations or other user interface such as web-enabled, client-server, or thin client systems
    Collaborate with other Engineers and Field Engineers to define software needs and develop testing and commissioning plans
    Provide point-to-point oversight
    Provide start-up and commissioning support
    Manage electrical subcontractors, including selection, writing subcontract, oversight/ coordination, review of changes, review of billings, and oversight of panel fabrication
    Provide engineering support including specification review and creation of points list, contract controls diagrams, and sequence of operations
    Prepare shop and installation drawings
    Prepare bill of materials
    Develop software
    Provide technical coordination on project
    Collaborate with the COM, Project Manager, Engineers, and support staff
    Coordinate with Project Manager on special requirements addressed during the submittal process including TCP sizes, layouts/locations, special mounting requirements, home runs, and other installation needs.
    Provide technical assessment/ review of project plans/ scope
    Interpret project technical requirements and system applicability, software and user interface
    Adhere to technical standards, procedures, and policies of the company and provide recommendations for revisions as standards evolve and system needs change
    Provide input on standardization of product selections, new applications, drawing and documentation standards to assure quality, productivity and performance
    Respond to technical information requests
    Develop project documentation, manuals, test and commissioning plans, and customer training materials
    Regular attendance and promptness are considered part of each employee's essential job functions.

    Specific Job Skills:

    Good working knowledge of the systems commonly monitored and controlled by a building DDC/EMS.
    Must have ability to incorporate a sequence of operation into a device and workstation application. Systems may include Tridium/Niagara Ax, Distech Lonworks Controllers, KMC BACNet Controllers, Viconics Thermostats and others.

    Education and/or Experience:

    Maintain current, up-to-date knowledge of HVAC and mechanical systems technology, control DDC instrumentation technology, and industry standards.

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    I'm Niagara Certified, in HVAC service for 20 years and controls directly for 5 years, working mostly with Niagara and Metasys, solid with integrations of ASD, N2 and Bacnet, custom graphics, dashboards, also some experience with Tracer Summit. Any idea on what a compensation package would look like in your area? I'm currently in SF.


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    This position has a range of 70-90k DOE and is a salaried non-union position. Has the typical medical, 401k etc.

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