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    Topping off 22......

    Was just told there is an alternate refrigerant to r-22 that can be mixed and everybody's doing it.... I'm going to be real mad when I recover a batch of this mixed up miracle product. But it's bound to happen....

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    Lots of threads here at H-talk about alternatives to R-22... and a growing number of threads with this issue.

    I agree... when R-22 is contaminated by endless hacks (and destroyed)... well maybe the greenies will have accomplished their intended goals.
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    Just a thought here: When someone gets hit with a fee for destroying mixed refrigerant... I wonder how many more times they will turn it in... rather than just vent it behind the shop? Not saying I or anyone I know would... just wonder??? $$$ tends to make folks do strange things.

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    The sad part is its the legitimate companies that follow proper recovery guidelines that are gonna have to pay the price for all the hacks that are mixing the refrigerants. If they want to retrofit to the new refrigerants and properly label the system, I don't have a problem with it. Its the mixing and not labeling equipment that pisses me off.

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    i recover coctail all the time. we just dumped it into a bigger tank which get shipped away when it's full. refrigerant management service in canada is capable of separating coctail into their respective blend.
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