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    Air handler transformer is buzzing

    The transformer in my air handler is buzzing. I have an old Carrier air handler unit (circa 1990), and I'm pretty sure it is the original transformer. Two questions:

    1.) Will this buzzing transformer cause any issues besides being a slight noise annoyance? Once it goes, it goes, and I understand that will cause issues, but until that point, I believe it is not bad.

    2.) I have a picture of the transformer below. I'm looking to see if the link to the transformer I have below this is a suitable replacement, or if anyone knows of a better one.

    Removed purchase link

    Original transformer info:
    Name:  transformer.jpg
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    Slight buzzing or humming from the transformer is quite normal. It's one of the very first things I listen for when I first kneel down beside a furnace or air handler to determine if there is power to the unit while I'm grabbing my tools.

    When and if it becomes necessary to replace it, please call a technician to confirm it has died and select the correct replacement.

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