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    Slip stream boiler sizing for freeze protection?

    Need help sizing a slip stream boiler that will be used to provide freeze protection in a ground-source geo loop. I know the design load and flow rate of the field, fluid will be 100% water, Midwest location and no part of the loop piping is exposed above ground. Is there a formula or rule of thumb that applies here?


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    Condensing boiler success with IBC and ask for US rep JP A on line ibc boilers.

    share heat of absorption required at ~ 35 ew to your system (37 highest) that you can obtain BTUH from your OEM.
    Process cooling: NO COMPRESSORS Earth-Coupled since 1996
    ... however, much still needs to be hybridized energy transfer.

    CLOSED LOOP 2015 listed EER's
    even 49+ now; and "blended from low to high variable speeds" for 32deg.F ~ E-Star

    Perhaps you need a 32F Chiller/HW-Heat: buy a GEO-T Heat Pump (GHP with Heat-Recovery) and Bosch/Carrier and

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