This is my current Top 10 list of EC&M articles I feel you should take the time to read. I've listed them in no particular order.

  1. The New Stance on IT - mobile devices in hand, electrical pros adopt the modern technology pose for speedier dialogue
  2. 2013 Electrical Construction Forecast - the fiscal cliff threatens forecasts predicting continued recovery in the construction industry for 2013
  3. Financing Trends in the Solar Sector - PV prospects ride ups and downs in incentives, energy costs, investor attraction
  4. Whose Job Is It Anyway? - safety campaign encourages electrical contractors to take over bonding for CSST gas piping systems
  5. The Top 50 - we rank this year's top players in electrical contracting
  6. Electrical Safety Update - revisions to the 2012 edition of NFPA 70E target training, verification to improve worker safety
  7. Back on Track - the EIA prepares to start a new round of its federal energy use survey of commercial buildings
  8. The Top 30 - we rank the year's biggest in electrical design
  9. Security Risks - can industrial control systems at U.S. facilities be made secure?
  10. Code Changes 2011 - the top 25 revisions to this edition of the National Electrical Code

Got a favorite that's not on my list? Please share it with the rest of the group.