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    Trane communicating heatpump system worth the additional cost?

    Planning to install a Trane xl20i and receiving conflicting advice from dealers. One does't install CleanEffects air cleaner claiming it is too restrictive and causes problems down the line. Same dealer won't install communicating system because it results in too many false positives which require a tech to reset. Also requires a more expensive thermostat.

    Need help in sorting through this.

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    Get a second opinion. Clean effects do not restrict enough to cause issues unless they are not maintained, just like any other filter. As far as the comm system 20i, it is very nice, and WHEN INSTALLED PROPERLY THERE WILL BE NO ISSUES. All equipment must also be matched and communicating.And yes, the stat too.Ive installed a few of these systems when they first hit the market, Friggin awesome.

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