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    I should have explained it in more detail. I want to get point list for I/O Flex 6147 controller. Which is OEMc controller Unit is Governair make. The company does not have a point list. It has BACview 6 system.

    I did all settings as per the manual and used Dtech USB 2.0 to RS 485 converter. I used YABE software. But I was not able to discover a controller also. Do anyone have a solution to a problem.

    I am in Frankfort Indianapolis

    My email is <email removed>.
    Ph number 313 424 5553.
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    Have you verified the controller is set up for MSTP and not ARC156? If so have you verified baud rate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kontrolphreak View Post
    Have you verified the controller is set up for MSTP and not ARC156? If so have you verified baud rate?

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    I agree - or that you have the wires hooked up correctly, and that the bus voltages are ok? If you set YABE to a come on the trunk at a particular MSTP MAC, is that duplicated elsewhere on the trunk?

    If you was using a BACNet/IP - MACnet/MSTP router, some have some diagnostic features that can help you narrow things down.
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    You have to use "port 2a" to connect ms/tp, as the primary port does not have dip switches to bring it down from arc156.
    Verify the following :
    1. you are using port2a,
    2. that the EIA-485/232 jumper is on EIA-485 (jumper block just above port2a)
    3. that the 4 wire/2 wire jumper is set to 2 wire. (located just above the EIA jumper)
    4. the 8 dip switch block needs to be set properly. If I assume you want the device to be a master on MS/TP 76.8 set them as follows:
    SW #1 = on
    SW #2 = on
    SW #5 = Off
    SW #6 = Off
    SW #7 = Off
    SW #8 = Off
    (sw 3 and 4 are not used, and of course if you set it to a master, make sure your max masters elsewhere are set properly to find this module's mac addr.)

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