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    Metasys ADX Remote Access

    We have requested remote access to an ADX on one of our customers' sites. The IT people did a security scan and requested that we apply a windows patch to Win 2003 Server and secondly disable FTP. When I go to uninstall FTP service under the IIS in Control Panel, a window pops up saying that Connection Point Services relies on FTP and will also be disabled/uninstalled. I have checked various parts of the JCI literature and find no reference to the ADX/NAE's requiring FTP or Connection Point Services. Does anyone know if it is OK to disable and/or uninstall them or will it cause any network issues?

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    I don't think you would need the FTP service to run the ADX. I know FTP is used on the NAE/NCE's for the NAE configuration tool, but I can't recall ever using it on and ADS/ADX. <--- info on connection point services.

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