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    Quote Originally Posted by FixItRight View Post
    why lube a motor? That is funny if you think that an oil sample is as important as lubing a motor. If you don't lube a motor it will fail but a oil sample is just a test. Also there is a high chance of contamination from moisture with POE.

    He was being kinda broad using the word "chiller" since some motors can be lubricated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuclrchiller View Post
    Jay, I'm just gonna presume you're being facetious asking those questions. I just want to make sure this doesn't sink into some kind of argument. I think this is one of those things that are best left to a judgement call made on site on each individual piece of equipment, and application. Of course, keeping in mind such things as what has customer bought? What is customer expecting? etc... But I am curious - have you, or anyone, replaced a functioning compressor on a RTAC based on oil sample results? What about based on megger results?
    of course i am being over-dramatic. the point that i am trying to make is why do anything if we are just going to wait until it fails? do you test oil pressure differentials on a recip? if it is close to the trip point but not tripping would you not try to stop it from catastrophically failing? have i replaced a compressor based on an oil sample result? not yet. but I have diagnosed problems and repaired them before failure based on oil sample tests...high copper content was a semi-recent issue. I haven't changed out a functioning compressor due to megger results, but I have investigated and remedied issues on compressors in the past.

    i have no problem with making a judgement call (whether to take an oil sample or not) based on the customer and the application. it just seems that some people are making a judgement call on ALL high pressure screws with R134a from their living room. i'm done....maybe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayguy View Post
    i'm done....maybe.
    Yep, me too. I will say though, whether or not I learn something, or whether or not I agree, as usual this type of discussion has given me food for thought. Thanks, to all.

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