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    FX40 Niagara AX JCI AHU controller question

    I have an Johnson Controls AHU controller with it's time clock off a few hours. First, is it possible to adjust it via the embedded Workbench?

    Second question, shouldn't the time sync service keep all controllers synced? Currently, the time sync server in the AX is in 'fault' due to 'no response from server. Can I use any public time sync service? Other configuration settings???

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    you need to get the timesync service working correctly and have a client schedule to sync it at a certain time of day automatically.

    If it is already there you could try on the NIST servers to see if your network will let you connect and sync easily.

    I use most often but you could try any of the servers (google for a list)

    To set the time manual you set it on the platform. If you only have web workbench then double click on services->Platform services in the Nav tree and this should open the platform plug-in which does allow you to set the date and time on the Platform from the station.


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    Starting in AX-3.4, PlatformServices in any station contains a child NtpPlatformServicesOS, which provides an interface to the RFC 1305-compliant NTP (Network Time Protocol) service or daemon running on that host platform. NTP is the currently recommended time synchronization protocol to use between inter-networked devices, offering more accuracy than the RFC 868 Time Protocol.

    TimeSyncService was used pre AX-3.3 but it still functions in later AX also ... unless the NTP is enabled in which case the TimeSyncService wont work.
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