If you are a Libertarian and you have not read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you need to stop what you are doing right now and get a copy of this prophetic book.

For all of you Libertarians who have read Atlas Shrugged, you need to go to Amazon right now and order a copy of Atlas Snubbed by Ken V. Krawchuk. Here is my review of this sequel to Atlas Shrugged;
When I speak of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, I usually refer first to the political and philosophical lessons to be learned from it, with the fact that it is also an entertaining book as a secondary thought. I must say that Mr. Krawchuk’s “Atlas Snubbed” is foremost an enjoyably entertaining read, which also gives us much to think about pertaining to politics and philosophy. Bravo, Mr. Krawchuk!

Had Ms. Rand’s original lessons been heeded, her words would not have become prophetic, as they have for today. Mr. Krawchuk gives us pause to think about ways to deal with possible conclusion’s to Ms. Rand’s story. Having read Atlas Snubbed, I now prefer to want to work toward “Society’s according to the desires of the individual”.

Mr. Krawchuk effectively channels Ms. Rand’s style of story telling so well that one can begin reading Atlas Snubbed immediately after finishing Alas Shrugged as comfortably as if going from one chapter to the next of any well written novel. While the paradigm shift in philosophy will soon be noticed, the respectful adherence to the basic writing style of Ayn Rand prevents any uncomfortable feel that plagues so many sequels. Along with Ayn Rand’s style of writing, I also detect more then a few nods to Stephen King’s The Stand, adding to my personal enjoyment.

I appreciate that Atlas Snubbed is a book that I can safely recommend to anyone without having to first think about if it is going to be offensive to some due to language or detail. Atlas Snubbed, even the unabridged version that I was fortunate enough to read, moved at a pace that was just enough faster then Ms. Rand’s original to enhance my reading pleasure enough to match the changes in social times since Ms. Rand’s origins of the story line.

All in all, Atlas Snubbed is a fun, entertaining and thought provoking novel that would do well on everyone’s reading list.
For those who are not Libertarian, whether you be Republican, Democrat, Indepent or of no political interest at all, if you ever want to really understand the philosophical nuances of our political system, you need to have read these two books.

That's all. I don't expect any responces until you've read these books...