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    Which plasma table are you using?

    I'm in the market for a plasma table. I have reviewed a few different ones and I am just as confused as before I began. The current ones I have looked at are the Lockformer, Advance Cutting, Plasma Cam and one from Fast Cut. The only one I have seen In action is the advance cutting machine and loved it.

    These machines range from $22,000 all the way to $50,000. It seems the higher priced machines are priced because these companies send out a crew for one week to set it up and basically teach you how to operate.

    So, all this being said I want to know what you are using, why you love it or hate it and what would you recommend.

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    I have only used a Cybermation. The one that was bought in 1986 is still in use. I believe there are upgraded one's available.
    PM me I can get you in touch with a guy who knows this stuff.

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