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    Hi all,

    Im an australian wanting to work in the US , not sure if i can due to greencard restrictions etc.. but i would like to know if there is a shortage of techs there and also what sort of license i would need and rates of pay



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    We're looking in South Dakota if you're interested. We are in a small, rural town of 1300. The pay isn't as high as other places, but you can buy a nice house for about 60K to 100K. Cost of living is low, no smog or high crime rates, and great hunting and fishing. Only licensing requirements is refrig cert.

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    pretty similar here. small town living is cheap. hell you can drive anywhere in town in 5 minutes.

    depending on experience you could make over half of six figures, if that makes sense.

    what type of equipment are you familiar with?

    also i have talked to some people from your island and they tell me your technology is alittle behind ours? so you may have some catching up to do.

    we do everything from appliances to industrial

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