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    I would really like to find long term job that doesn’t make me want to kill myself. I made a bad choice about two years ago and took a position as a maintenance tech at a bio tech company. They wanted me for my refrigeration exp. But were misleading is to how much refrigeration HVAC work they had, which is almost none I've made two small repairs and done a hand full of PM in about two years. I really don’t want to be a utility plant operator and I'm not really happy changing gaskets on reactors all day. I didn’t think that I would miss the service van this much. What companies service the Ventura county area would anyone here recommend trying out?
    I need to find someplace that is stable 40hour or more ;-) medical and hopefully a 401k. I have heard some good things about Ontario refrigeration and plan on going by their office this week. Any other suggestions?

    Any place that I should stay away from?

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    Trane offices in Riverside and City of Indusrty are looking for 2yr helpers and 5-7 yr lead if your not totally a refer guy..might consider them working for a factory hvac group is a great opp.if your still new to the field...good luck hit careers and the IR
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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