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    FX Server with NAE

    Hey guys, anyone out there used the FX server to pull NAE points in. I was told by our local rep that it is very messy, and he wouldn't recommend it. So if anyone has real world experience with this, I would appreciate some feedback. We also do the NAE line, and have the guys to work on them. I feel the AX platform is a better frontend, and the server cost better also. So if its a good useable option why not!!

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    Ive pulled in NAE points to a FX20 in my office. I haven't had to do it on a job site yet. Its very easy though. You just need to use BACnet/IP to discover the NAE. After that you can discover the points that are mapped into said NAE.

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    I think the reason he says it's messy is that all the field points show up under 1 device. An NAE-55 can have 5000+ field points, combination of software points and hardware points coming from the MS/TP or N2 field devices.

    I've never tried it, but on the Network tab of the NAE there is a BACnet Routing Mode switch. By default this is set to "Disabled", if you switch this to "Enabled" the field devices will be routed up to the IP network and theoretically discoverable by the FX server. The biggest problem (at least at our site) is that the field devices often do not have unique BACnet IDs and the potential for conflicts goes up considerably.

    Let me know if you try this, I'm curious to the result.

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    primdrumma is right on the money. If you set up Bacnet routing on your NAE, you can discover all the devices connected to it. One thing that JCI does not harp on their techs is to set unique device instances on their devices. While having unique device instances may not be important in some systems if you use all the same manufacturers devices, it can create a major headache and tons of extra time and labor down the road on an integration job.

    I'm in the process of learning Niagara, but I have successfully set up a system with an NAE, multiple vendors MS/TP devices all into an ADX and then export all the data Bacnet IP to Niagara.

    I wouldn't say it is "messy" at the slightest. It may be complicated for someone who doesn't understand the basics of Bacnet, or someone who is used to only using one vendors devices. I was able to accomplish it in one afternoon and I haven't even been to the Niagara training yet.

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