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  1. $2,500 Dyersburg, TN

    $2,500 Dyersburg, TN
  2. National Refrigeration Products Model VR11 Recovery Unit for sale (R11, R113, & R123)

    I have a lightly used Model VR11 recovery unit for sale. I can crate and ship if necessary.

    Photos and video available upon request.
  3. Thanks for your response. The infinity touch...

    Thanks for your response. The infinity touch controller only has two options: a communicating AC or a non-communicating single stage. By selecting non-communicating single stage, the board sends...
  4. SYSTXCCNIM01 Network Interface Module

    Thanks for the reply, and I agree that was a bad idea.

    I had the dealer out today and he wasn't very familiar with the Infinity furnace or the two stage AC because not many folks around here have...
  5. Now something really crazy for Carrier/Bryant guys

    How crazy would it be to rewire a Bryant 127A AC to add a Bryant 187B control board in order to make it compatible with my Carrier 59MN7? Can anyone compare the parts lists of these two units to see...
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