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  1. Sent. Its only works with newer SCTs. Not like...

    Sent. Its only works with newer SCTs. Not like the old point schedule where u can export imp file. But it is a great feature.
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    MN-MSI & MN-FLO3T Troubleshooting

    Trying to troubleshoot a Siebe MN-FLO3T and MN-MSI that integrates into an FX70. Currently we they are using a MaxLine MIG-112 to translate over to the FX70. We have points going in and out. Hope...
  3. Done. Thanks.

    Done. Thanks.
  4. Metasys SCT 12.0 (version 9.0) Rapid Archive Spreadsheet

    Does anyone have access to the Rapid Archive Schedule spreadsheet and can share? Don't believe it is included with the SCT 12.0 installation. Tried searching for it on different installations and...
  5. FX-PCT/MS-CCT Failed Main Code Download from 5.3 to 6.2

    I was performing a full download on an FEC2621 with CCT 10.2 BTCVT . The full download was Boot, Main, and Application. I was also doing a conversion from BACnet to N2 so Switch Communication Mode...
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