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  2. Brooklyn, New York Duct Fabrication Shop

    Hello HVAC-Talk,

    I recently opened up my own Duct Fabrication shop in Brooklyn, NY, and invested in all necessary equipment to fabricate any type rectangular duct.
    I started out just fabricating...
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    25$ per hour. 40 hours a week, paid 1 hour...

    25$ per hour. 40 hours a week, paid 1 hour lunch break.
  4. For sale : Armaflex-1-3/8" x 1/2" Rubber-Pipe Insulation 120 Lineal Feet

    I have for sale about 20 of these Amaflex rubber pipe insulation(model # APT 13812). I'm located in Brooklyn NY, if anyone wants to arrange a local pickup. I also threw them up on ebay.
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    HVAC installers Wanted, in Brooklyn NY

    Job Description
    Looking For HVAC Installer - In Need of a few good men who have 2+ years experience assembling, installing, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating units used in commercial...
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