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  1. HVAC Sales Engineer - Looking for new position. Eastern PA

    HVAC Sales Engineer in eastern PA looking for new position. 8 years unitary and VRF experience. Carrier, Mitsubishi VRF, Reznor, etc... BS in Mech Eng from Temple. LEED GA. 30+ years of project...
  2. :oops:

  3. Straight AC. Rheem 2Ton R22 system. I did not...

    Straight AC. Rheem 2Ton R22 system. I did not look for any check valve at the fan coil. All noise is coming from the condensing unit though.
  4. 2Ton AC Condenser Tapping after unit shutdown

    Hey everyone. New to the site. One of my neighbors came to me with an issue. His 2Ton R22 ac condensing unit taps after the system reaches set point and shuts down. I experienced this and have never...
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