We are launching an online "Bootcamp" starting August 1.

The program is called the "Contracting Technology Bootcamp", and it's found at http://bit.ly/bootcamp-hvactalk.

It will focus on technologies that can help contractors (our target in this case is piping/plumbing pros, HVAC technicians, and electricians) improve their own business operations through better software. Examples of some of the software categories we'll cover are fleet management software, field service management software, and customer relationship management software. We have several sponsors, and the Bootcamp will be a mix of their content and our own content.

There's an early bird offer until the end of July, and everyone who signs up before Aug 1 will be put into a drawing for a Yeti cooler. We're getting great registrations so far and we'd love to make sure that the HVAC Talk community is aware of it too.

Once again that link is http://bit.ly/bootcamp-hvactalk

Join us!