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    Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon

    Hello all

    Have a Mt. Vernon with the following condition: No fuel feed or blower operation.
    Red call light is on. Reset attempted; failed. Set to quad. Combustion "blower" does work at all settings.
    Controller lights: Blue blink intermittent approx. 10 second interval , green on power up blink once only
    Ignitor does work
    Had some ash in vacuum tube leading from auger tube. Auger does not appear to be bound up. Fire pot clear, holes clear. Firebox clean unless panels can be accessed like the inserts can.
    Hopper was 1/3 full can fill and retest if vacuum switch isn't being tripped.
    Help? Assuming snap discs are okay and TC is blinking yellow light?

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    Hello welcome.

    OK could be a few issues. most likely either your vac switch isn't being tripped(do to dirt or bad switch), auger jammed, or bad auger motor. for vacuum it could be a bad door gasket and or dirt.
    The back panels can and should be accessed by taking out the allen head screws, you should be able to remove the top panel, two side panels and rear panel, and clean out the dirt you see per your instruction booklet. also check for dirt in the vent.
    For possible auger jam or bad auger motor i cant suggest troubleshooting methods per forum rules? If i could get clarification on what i can and cannot suggest that would be great (hearthman?)

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