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Thread: $XXXX per Ton?

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    I'm in the process of getting a new Trane XL1400. I've gone back and forth on size. I currently have a 3 Ton unit but believe, on the advice of my installer that a 3.5 Ton is best. He said that generally you pay $XXXX per ton when you go up in size. Is this reasonable?

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    Please read the site rules

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    Sorry; thought that this was acceptable as I don't discuss total price just general trends.

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    Originally posted by gillum
    He said that generally you pay $XXXX per ton when you go up in size. Is this reasonable?
    Does he also use the 500 sq. ft. per ton rule also?

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    I won't comment on the $XXXX per ton rule of thumb; but with the wide variety of equipment, duct materials, accessaries, and the variables in home design, there is no good rule of thumb that will work.

    A premium system with controls, filtration, and a quality install could well be twice the price of a bargain brand with a hack install. The former is the better value though.

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    guessing game

    your estimator is playing the 'guessing game' as far as your needs are concerned. size your needs by the manuel J load calculations, anything else is a game.

    and addressing dollars per ton........more bs, too much Star Trek

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