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Thread: meter bad?

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    meter bad?

    I was taking the flame current on a Pulse today, and my meter was really cold from being in my truck and acting wacky....I wasn't able to get a steady reading as the display was running up to 12 uA or so and back down to 2, but she sounded fine and was running well, and I did notice a pattern to the meter readings, kinda like it was reading the "pulsing." I know the ignition control averages the flame reading due to there not being a constant flame, but on pulses I've worked on in the past, I was able to get a steady reading. Is my meter bad, or is this ignition control different or is something else up? I did check the connections to the sensor. Thanks


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    The specs for the meter should give operating temp specs. I think I will have a look at mine now that you mention it.
    Looks like the cheepy in my office is good to about 20 below, but I bet the battery isn't.
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    Three things come to mind:
    1. Battery too cold or may be failing
    2. Condensation in the meter
    3. Leaky or bad filter cap in meter -tantalum or electrolytic. = new meter usually unless warranty

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