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    Munchkin boiler question

    I have a 2007 Munchkin model 199M in my home in Denver; been pretty happy with it until this week when it started discharging water (periodically) out of the brass relief valve on the side. My installer/contractor seems to have gone out of business, and I can't find anything on the web that will tell me why it's suddenly discharging water, whether it's a big problem or not, and what I ought to do about it. Any advice much appreciated.

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    Get a new contractor.
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    Probably not a problem with the boiler. But with one of the attached/required devices.

    What kind of expansion tank do you have. Who does your annual PM check.
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    If you have a Munchkin then you need a good boiler heat guy to service it yearly.... period. The brass thing you describe is the safety relief valve. If the safty relief valve is discharging the there is a problem and you need to get it fixed.... now. It could be any number of things, possibly not in the boiler but having to do with the boiler piping, pumps, valves, expansion tanks, etc etc....
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    Thanks for your advice; I just found a contractor who has experience with these boilers. The tank is a Phase III Smart 40 - seems OK but we'll check it out. I appreciate the good thoughts.

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