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    Any clear cut advice on whether to buy a variable speed furnace or not? FYI --live in hot and humid climate.

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    Get if you plan on being in the home for a while. Variable speed provides you best humidity control in the summer with the A/C, and MUCH more quieter blower running all times (If you like the fan on 24/7)

    If you do get one, do not be afraid to get the 10 years parts and labor warranty, and a two stage t-stat if you are using gas for heat.

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    a variable speed blower pays for itself by longer life and cost saving on electricity over the long run (uses only 1/5 energy than the fix speed blower) and will result in a more comfortable delivery of the conditioned air (always most efficient and under normal condition quieter) to the conditioned space. VS has also higher tolerance to not optimal ductwork, but like any installation, the VS furnace has to be installed in spec.

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    VS is nice....just get the extended warranty. That motor's high dollar,and the controls aren't cheap.
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    Originally posted by airchick
    Any clear cut advice on whether to buy a variable speed furnace or not? FYI --live in hot and humid climate.
    > HUMIDITY CONTROLS ..... A humidistat is the control in a humidity control system. Its responce to humidity changes and,in doing so, opens or closes a control system.The sensing element of the humidistat is called a hygroscopic element. In electronic solid-state sensors,the sensor changes its resistance as moisture content of air changes.A humidistat would be a good choice along with a variable speed furnace/air handler.

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    The motor itself is alot more reliable than a PSC. It's a brushless DC motor with ball bearings. The price is high because too many guys replace the entire assembly when a module fails rather than just the module alone. And often the module is replaced because of bad diagnosis. As for the extended warranty, its a still a good idea. Unlike an extended warranty on a car, these things generally pay for themselves in one or two service calls.

    As others have mentioned, the ECM motor offers better humidity control and comfort. Well worth the added upfron costs. It also generally will raise the overall efficiency of the cooling system reducing your cooling costs.

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    vs furnace will give better humidity removal, and therefore better cooling, all while operating at a lower cost. I have never replaced a VS motor that failed under normal operating conditions. Only ever replaced two control modules.
    Now to the original question, is it worth it? Higher efficiency almost always translates to higher installation cost. The monetary gain is paid back over time. If you are only gonna live there for a few years, then you may not see any finacial gains. Going to live there for the life of the furnace? Then the money aspect can work out in your favor. Better humidty control and comfort is worth something too, but is it worth the extra $$ to YOU?
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    we have a town home community around here and their fuel bills are in their monthly payments and they get them because they are so quiet!!!

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